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On December 2-4, 2015 kick off meeting of Visegrad Fund funded I-Net (Internalization Network) project took place at Belarus State University in Minsk. The coordinator of the program is Yerevan State University. Participants include HEIs from Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The project is aimed at development of internationalization framework between EaP and EU countries through establishing a web platform for new joint projects, exchanges, trainings, research, etc. To that end each partner institution will provide standard information regarding its Internationalization activities which will be posted on the project website. During the kick-off participants discussed the main activities anticipated throughout the project such as training of trainers (ToT) on Internationalization issues for the top management of EaP partner organizations followed by in house-trainings at respective EaP institutions that will be the multiplicative effect of the overall project. The project will be finalized in December 2016 with a final conference in Yerevan. Nevertheless, the project activities will not be limited to those funded by Visegrad fund, and further sustainability will be ensured by involving new partner institutions to the already formed consortium. This will give opportunity to increase regional and international reputation of the network member organizations, promote mobility among them and provide a basis for development of new joint project proposals.

More detailed information on the project and activities ahead can be found at the following website http://www.int-net.org/, which is currently being developed in the frames of the project.