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The BSU possesses 8 student dormitories studgorodok.bsu.by. Foreign students studying at the Pre-university faculty live in dormitories 5 and 7. After going to the main course they get the dormitory of the faculty they have chosen.


Nearly 65% of all the dormitories are the rooms for 3-4 people with common kitchen and bathroom. There are dormitories with kitchen and bathroom for 2 rooms.

The furniture includes a bed, a chair, a writing desk, built-in wardrobe, book shelves. The cost of living in the dormitory depends on the comfort of living and varies around 70$ US per month.

You can also rent a private flat. Flats’ prices depend on their comfort and location and vary from 300 to 500 $ US per month. Department of Foreign Relations can give students the information about accommodation agencies. Mind that agencies draw a fee for their service.


Settlement to the dormitory

While giving the documents to BSU foreign students fill in a dormitory application form where the faculty’s dean puts on his or her signature. On the basis of the application form you get an assignment to the BSU dormitory at the Student BSU city (Oktyabrskaya str., 4, off. 108).


Before you settle in BSU dormitory you must present the following documents to the Dormitory Head:

1. application form with dean’s signature;
2. passport;
3. 3 photos;
4. medical certificate to settle in the dormitory (ref. to Medical examination);
5) payment for the dormitory receipts.


You will be given:

1) temporary pass (you will get permanent pass after making your registration at the corresponding to your residence police office dealing with citizenship and migration);
2) bed sheets (against signed acknowledgment);
3) your room/block key;
4) 3rd copy of the Contract on living in the dormitory.