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Educational traineeship

This studying program was created for university students who wish to deepen their knowledge in a special area. Studies are possible at any BSU faculty. In this program trainees visit lectures, take part in seminars together with Belarusian students.

The term of this traineeship – 1 or 2 terms.


Scientific traineeship

For those who have higher education a scientific traineeship is possible on the scientific directions existing in BSU. Traineeship presupposes going on lectures and seminars on the chosen specialty, consultations with scientific advisor, laboratory work, job in the library/archive.

Such educational form helps to deepen scientific research, gather empiric material, get additional experience and knowledge necessary work thesis work.


Minimal traineeship period – 3 months.


Together with the documents necessary for enrollment to the university the candidate for traineeship must present «Scientific project» (up to 3 pages) where traineeship aim and topic are mentioned.