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  • Cooperation with University of Keele (Great Britain) within Erasmus+

    The cooperation between Belarusian State University and University of Keele within Erasmus+ has started since 2016. The subject area is mathematics.  Within the Inter-institutional agreement BSU staff members visited University of Keele to implement teaching and training mobilities (participation in Staff Training Mobility Weeks in 2018 and 2019). Also 2 Master Degree students went to Keele for 4-months studies.   

News of Belarusian State University

  1. A delegation from the Education Department of Sichuan Province (China) visited the BSU. It was headed by the organization Deputy Director Cui Changhong. The main purpose of the visit was to establish cooperation in education and science.


    There was a meeting with the First Vice-rector, Academician Oleg Ivashkevich, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs and Internationalization of Education Konstantin Kozadaev. The guests were acquainted with the structure of the university, its scientific and educational activities, its position in international rankings.

    The parties discussed possible areas of cooperation, taking into account the Belarusian State University’s years of experience with Chinese institutions. The guests were interested in training of foreign citizens at the Belarusian State University. In particular, the emphasis was placed on qualified scientific personnel training. Joint participation in scientific and technical projects is also seen as promising.

    In the near future, such proposals will be elaborated in detail in order to establish and define the forms and areas of cooperation.





  2. A delegation from the University in Bialystok (Poland) visited BSU. There was a mitting with Konstantin Kozadayev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Internationalization of Education and Alexander Kohanovsky, Dean of the History Faculty, as well as with the administration of International Relations Department.

    The Polish University was represented by Vice-Rector for Development Jarosław Matwiejuk and Piotr Białas, an official of the International Cooperation Department. The purpose of the visit to BSU was determined by the expansion and prioritization of inter-university cooperation in education and science. The Polish party has initiated the participation of BSU academic staff in the "Visiting Professor" program, within the framework of which they can give a whole lecture course at Bialystok University. Important for the development of Belarusian-Polish scientific cooperation was the proposal to publish scientific articles on economic and legal topics of BSU scientists in the research journal "SUP" (Sieci Uniwersytetów Pogranicza, Border University Network). By the way, this publication will soon enter the "Scopus" database. The parties also considered issues of organizing joint projects of environmental, tourism, cultural-historical character and exchange of students for participation in scientific events of two universities.

    The University in Bialystok was founded in 1997 as a result of the transformation of the Branch of Warsaw University. It is one of the largest and rapidly developing universities in north-eastern Poland. The University has nine faculties. At present, the university has almost 14500 students and about 850 staff .



  3. Rectors of Turkish universities visited the BSU. The delegation consisted of Rector of Selcuk University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin, Rector of Gebze Technical University Prof. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, Rector of Istanbul University Medeniyet Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik, Rector of Karabük University Prof. Dr. Refik Polat , and the Dean of the Department of Political Science of Istanbul University Prof. Ayşegül Komsuoğlu Çitipitioğlu.

    A meeting was held with the rector of the BSU, Andrei Karol, who presented an exhibition of scientific and technical developments of the university to his Turkish colleagues. The guests were especially interested in antitumor drugs, the Ptich-M chemotherapy unit and veterinary medicines. Space developments were also praised. In particular, the guests were told about the university nanosatellite and the video spectral system having been used at the ISS since 2014.

    In the framework of official negotiations, the meeting participants exchanged information on the activities of the universities headed by them and identified priority areas for cooperation. Foreign colleagues were interested in the possibility of implementing joint educational programs in English, as well as interaction in the field of medicine, the IT sphere, agriculture and physics.

    The visit to the BSU was held in the framework of the visit to Minsk by the delegation of Turkish universities leaders headed by the chairman of the President of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey, Yekta Sarach, to participate in the First Belarusian-Turkish inter-university forum. The event will be opened on October 2. Its implementation is aimed at strengthening inter-university relations and determining prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of education and science.

    BSU is developing inter-university cooperation with nine Turkish universities; they are Ankara University, Pamukkale University, Fatih University, Uludag University, Muğla University, Bahçeşehir University, Okan University, Erciyes University and Anadolu University.

    Since 2001, about 90 specialists with the knowledge of the Turkish language and culture have successfully graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of the BSU. Since 2011, the Center for Turkish Language and Culture has been operating at the Faculty of International Relations. Actively training Turkish citizens in the Belarusian-Turkish information and educational centers of BSU in Antalya and Ankara. Their activities are aimed at developing educational and cultural links between universities of the two countries as well as preparing Turkish citizens for admission to the BSU.

    Today 18 Turkish students are engaged in Bachelor, Master and PhD degree studies, as well as 14 students are trained at the Faculty of Pre-University Education.



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