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Congratulations, now you have your studying visa and you have come to the Republic of Belarus


Now you have to go through the procedure of being enrolled to BSU, settle in the student dormitory, have a medical examination in student polyclinic No. 33, Minsk and get a temporary registration (temporary residence permit) in the Republic of Belarus at the period of your studies in BSU.



Employees of the International Students Affairs Office of the Department of Foreign Relations conduct the enrollment process for studies in BSU according to the chosen specialty.

International Students Affairs Office of the Department of Foreign Relations is situated in the Foreign relations faculty at the address: Leningradskaya str., 20, 4th floor, offices 406, 408. Tel/fax: (+375 17) 209 53 95 / 209 53 51.

At the day of student’s arrival to the Republic of Belarus the university gives the place in the BSU dormitory. 


STEP 1. Come to the office 406, 408 and present the following documents:
1. foreign passport with the studying visa to the Republic of Belarus;
2. foreign passport translation into Russian verified by the notary;
3. originals of the education documents;
4. translations of the education documents into Russian verified by the notary;
5. 6 photos 3x4;
6. medical certificate;
7. insurance policy in the obligatory medical insurance (is issued in the International Students Affairs Office, off. 406, 408).


STEP 2.  Go through the interview.
To do this the International Students Affairs Office will give the following blanks to fill in and sign:
1. enrollment application form;
2. exam answers blanks;
3. questionnaires and etc.
The interview is held on the Russian language.


STEP 3. Sign the studying contract and pay for the studies.
Tuition fee is accepted in Belorussian rubles in accordance with the studying agreement at the exchange rate of the Belorussian National bank on the payment day in Belinvestbank situated at the Bobruyskaya and Leningradskaya streets' crossing.


STEP 4. Go through medical examination in the student polyclinic No. 33 (Minsk, Surganova str., 45, building 4) and get the following medical certificates:
1. to settle in BSU dormitory (is given right after the going through the medical examination)
2. on the fact of having gone through the whole procedure of the medical examination (is given only several days after the medical examination)

After issuing the order one’s enrollment the foreign citizen signs the contract on studying in BSU. After paying for the studies you become the BSU student (you may start your lessons and get you student card).