International Applicants

How to Apply? The procedure of applying, admission, enrollment.

Undergraduate Program

Choose the bachelor's specialty from 15 faculties.

Master's Program

Updated list of Master's specialties.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Getting an invitation includes:


- applying for the studies and providing accompanying documents;
- consideration and inspection of the given documents by the University authorities;
- issuing the studying invitation;
- getting a studying visa in the consular institution of the Republic of Belarus according the candidate’s residence.


After arrival to the Republic of Belarus the student goes through the following procedure of getting to the University:

- filing of an application and giving the originals of the accompanying documents;
- going through a test at the Pre-university faculty;
- signing a studying contract;
- payment for the studies;
- issuing the order on admission to the university;
- having an obligatory medical examination;
- getting a medical insurance;
- getting a temporary registration for the studying period.


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