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Studies for Doctoral degree is one of the steps of post-graduate studies in the BSU aiming at preparing higher qualification specialists awarding them with Doctor of Philosophy degree. Students can study either full-time or have open learning distance education, the studying time is relatively 3-5 years.

Doctoral degree in the BSU includes studying in deep form of general and special subjects, taking candidate exams and credits, acquiring methods and means of scientific researches, conducting scientific research in accordance with the chosen specialty of the corresponding scientific branch on the actual topic, systematization and generalization of the achieved results with the aim of preparing and defending a thesis seeking for the PhD degree.


Documents’ acceptance from foreign students to study in the BSU is done during the whole year. After enrollment PhD-students will be given an opportunity to live in the dormitory (2-3 people in a room).


Studying plan for foreign doctorate students in the BSU consists of the following elements:

  1. Academic advising of PhD (100 hours per year) followed by taking a qualifying exam according to the specialty;
  2. Philosophy studying course (120 hours) followed by taking a qualifying exam;
  3. Russian as a foreign language studying course (1st year – 704 hours; 2nd year – 320 hours; 3rd year – 240 hours) followed by taking a qualifying exam;
  4. Studying course “Basic information technologies” (72 hours) followed by taking a marked credit.


During studies the postgraduate student must take all his qualifying exams in time, make all scientific research in accordance with stated thesis topic and individual working plan, publish at least three scientific articles in scientific publications and present a scientific speeches in scientific conferences, symposiums, forums, present the thesis for preventive check in organization according to the place of its writing and have a preventive check.

Events connected with preliminary thesis defence are conducted on a paid basis during the studying period or after it on the basis of a separate contract.

Foreign citizens applying for post-graduate (PhD) studies must have a Master degree certificate. The studies are conducted in a full-time form (no more than 3 years), part-time form (no more than 4 years) or degree-seeking form (no more than 5 years).

Average annual tuition fee for postgraduate courses.

Detailed information about the admission rules

Address of the Department of Post-graduate and Doctoral Studies:
Minsk, 9 Babruyskaya str., room 411.
Business hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm; 2:00 pm – 5:15 pm
Contact number: +375 17 209 51 73, +375 17 209 50 24.

Brochure for foreign citizens for postgraduate (Phd) studies

Realization of education programs of post-graduate education in English:





01.01.01 Substance, complex and functional analysis

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty

01.01.02 Differential equations, dynamic systems and optimal control

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty;

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

01.01.05 Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

01.04.03 Radiophysics

Radiophysics and Computer Technologies Faculty

01.04.04 Physical electronics

01.04.07 Condensed matter physics

Faculty of Physics

01.04.10 Semiconductor physics


02.00.01 Inorganic chemistry

Chemical  Faculty

02.00.02 Analytical  chemistry

02.00.04 Physical  chemistry

02.00.21 Chemistry of solids


03.02.05 Entomology;

Faculty of Biology

03.02.08 Ecology;

03.02.10 Hydrobiology.


05.13.00 Informatics, computer engineering and control

05.13.01 Systems analysis, information management and processing

(in accordance to branches)

Radiophysics and Computer Technologies Faculty

05.13.17 Theoretical bases of informatics

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

05.13.18 Mathematic modeling, numerical approaches and software systems

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty

05.13.19 Methods and systems to protect information, information security

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


07.00.02 National history

Historical Faculty

07.00.03 World history  (the corresponding period)

07.00.09 Historiography, source studies and methods of historical study

07.00.15 History of international relations and foreign policy


09.00.01 Ontology and cognitive theory

Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

09.00.03 History of philosophy

09.00.08 Philosophy of science and technology

09.00.11 Social philosophy


10.01.03 Foreign literature (with indication of concrete literature)

Philological Faculty

10.02.00 Linguistics

10.02.19 Theory of language

Department of English and Speech Communication


08.00.01 Economic theory

Department of English and Speech Communication

08.00.05 Economics and  management of the national economy 

(by branches and fields)


12.00.10 International law; European law

Faculty of International Relations


22.00.01 Theory, methodology and history of sociology

Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences


23.00.02 Political institutes, processes and technologies

Department of Political Science


25.03.01 Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography

and landscape  geochemistry

Faculty of Geography

25.03.02 Economic, social and political  recreational geography

25.03.13 Geoecology  (in branches)



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