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The I stage of higher education corresponds to the 6th level of the International Standard Classification of Education — Undergraduate, Bachelor's Degree


Faculty Programmes (Learning language is Russian) Education time, years
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics Mathematics (Research Activities and Production) 4  
Mathematics (Research and Pedagogical Activities) 4
Mathematics (Economic Activities) 4  
Mathematics (Research and Design Activities) 4  
Mechanics and Mathematic Modelling 4  

Mechanics and Mathematic Modelling

Double Degree Programme with Dalian University of Technology


Mathematics and Information Technologies

(Web Development and Internet Technologies)



Mathematics and Information Technologies

(Mathematical and Software of Mobile Device) 


Computer Mathematics and Systems Analysis  4  
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Applied Mathematics (Scientific and Production Activity)  4  

Economic Cybernetics

(Mathematical Methods and Computer Simulation in the Economy) 

Actuarial Mathematics  4  
Informatics  4  
Computer Security (Mathematical Methods and Program Systems)  4  
Applied Informatics (Computer Systems Software)  4  
Faculty of Physics  Physics (Scientific and Research Activities)  5  
Physics (Production Activity)  4  

Physics (Production Activity) 

Double Degree Programme with Dalian University of Technology

Physics of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology  5  
Computer Physics  4  
Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies Radio Physics  4  
Physical Electronics  4  

Computer Security

(Radiophysical Methods and Program-Technical Means) 


Applied Informatics

(Information Technologies Telecommunication Systems) 

Aerospace Radioelectronics and Information Systems and Technologies  4  
Faculty of Chemistry  Chemistry (Scientific Production Activity)  4  
Chemistry (Scientific Pedagogical Activity)  4  
Сhemistry (Pharmaceutical Activity)  4  
Chemistry of Medication Compounds  5  
High Energy Chemistry  5  
Fundamental Chemistry  5  
Faculty of Biology Biology (Scientific and Production Activity)  4 5
Biology (Scientific-Рedagogical Activity)  4 5
Biology (Biotechnology)  5  
Biochemistry  4 5
Microbiology  4 5
Bioecology  4 5
Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics Geography  4  
Geotechnologies of tourism and excursion working 4  
Hydrometeorology  4  
Aerospace mapping and geodesy 4  
Geoecology  4  
Geology 4  
Geoinformation Systems  4  
Faculty of History History (Belarusian and World History) 4 5
History (Archaeology)  4  
History (Arts)  4  
History (Political Science) 4  
History (History of International Relations) 4  
History (Historical Informatics) 4  

Museology and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage

(History and Museology) 


Museology and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage

(Cultural Heritage and Tourism)

Historical Archival Science  4
Document Sciences  (Documentation Support Management)  4
Document Sciences  (Information Support Management) 4
Faculty of Economics Economics 4  
Economy  4  
Credit and Finance  4 5
Economic Informatics  4  
Management (International Management) 4 5
Management (Innovative Management) 4 5
Faculty of Philosophy and Social Studies Philosophy  4 5
Sociology  4 5
Psychology  4  
Social Work (Social and Psychological Activity) 4 5
Social Work (Social Engineering) 4 5
Social Communication  4
Faculty of Journalism Journalism (Printed Mass Media)  4 5
Journalism (Audiovisual Journalism)  4  
Journalism (Web Journalism)  4  
International Journalism 4  
Information and Communication 4  
Faculty of International Relations  International Relations  4  
World Economy  4

World Economy

Double Degree Programme with Dalian University of Technology

International Law  4  
Language and Country Studies 4  
Management (International Tourism Management)  4  
Customs Regulations and Procedures 4  
Faculty of Philology  Belarusian Philology (Literary and Editorial Activity) 4  
Belarusian Philology (Computer Support) 4  
Belarusian Philology (Business Communication) 4  
Slavic (Slavic and Belarusian) Philology  4  
Russian Philology (Literary and Editorial Activity) 4  
Russian Philology (Computer Support) 4  
Russian Philology (Business Communication) 4  
Russian Philology (Russian as a Foreign Language) 4  
Romance and Germanic Philology (English)  4  
Romance and Germanic Philology (French)  4  
Romance and Germanic Philology (German)  4  
Romance and Germanic Philology (Italian)  4  
Classical Philology 4  
Oriental Philology 4
Faculty of Law Economic Law  4  
Jurisprudence  4 5
Political Science (Political-Legal Work)  4  
Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications Modern Foreign Languages (Translation)  5  
Modern Foreign Language (Teaching)  5  
Culturology (Applied) 4  
Applied Informatics (Web Programming and Computer Design)  4  
Design (Object and Space)  5  
Design (Communicative)  5  
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