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Pre-university program preparation is aimed at preparing foreign student to applying for higher education. Studies are conducted in the Republic of Belarus state languages – Russian and Belorussian.


The form of studies is full time.  
The studies are held on a fee basis. 
The duration of studies I 1 academic year (10 months).

After the completion the student gets  Certificate on completion of the Pre-university faculty which enables him to apply for higher education  in the Republic of Belarus and in CIS countries.

The basis of studying process is learning Russian, literature and subjects of the future specialty. Studying is conducted on 5 profiles: humanitarian, economical, science, technical and medicine-biological.

Studies are conducted in the form of lectures, seminars and practical classes, presence on which is obligatory for the student in order to fulfill the curriculum.


More detailed information on terms of applying and groups completion can be found on the web-site.

Telephones: (+375 17) 284-00-09,  (+375 17) 284-00-02, (+375 17) 284-26-82.