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Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language are organized during September – June. The curriculum is based on module principle according to learners' wish: 20 hours a week within  4, 12, 18, 36 weeks (80 -720 hours) and includes the material satisfying the requirements of certificate levels of language proficiency.

Russian language courses at the BSU is available both at the Faculty of Pre-University Education (for individuals with zero level of Russian) and at the Faculty of International Relations (for individuals with elementary level of Russian).

Enrollment procedure for the Russian language courses at the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University (BSU) includes:  

1) the procedure of getting an invitation to study at the Russian language courses at the BSU:

  • filling in an application form and submitting documents (the copy of passport, copy of educational documents, copy of the medical health certificate) that a candidate should send by e-mail (all documents should be translated into Russian or English);
  • consideration of the documents by the BSU;
  • making an invitation for training (the copy of the invitation is sent to the candidate by e-mail, the original of invitation is sent to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus at the place of the candidate’s residence);
  • getting a student visa at the Belarusian Embassy at the place of the candidate’s residence.

Making an invitation and student visa is chargeable. The candidate pays for the invitation on arrival to Minsk and for the student visa in the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus at the place of the candidate’s residence.   

2) upon arrival in the Republic of Belarus a student gets through the following procedure to enroll in Russian language courses:

  • submitting originals of documents (passport, educational documents, medical health certificate) to the Department of International Relations of BSU: Minsk, 20-408 Leningradskaya str.;
  • signing the contract for training;
  • paying a tuition fee and an invitation fee;
  • compulsory medical examination (for those who will live in the dormitory of BSU);
  • purchase of medical insurance (valid in the Republic of Belarus);
  • temporary registration for the period of training Price list for Russian Language Courses.

    Brochure "Russian as a Foreign Language"

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