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Belarus is a modern independent state with high level of intellectual and industrial potential. 

                            Belarus is an original and beautiful country with rich historical past and unique nature. It is situated in the centre of Europe and has common borders with 5 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russian Federation. 

We treat foreign citizens in a tolerant way. There are no interracial, inter-ethnical or religious conflicts.  Belarusians themselves are famous for their hospitality, tolerance and cordiality and you can see that with your own eyes.

Studying in Belarus you will have a unique opportunity to dip into country’s life, culture and traditions, master your knowledge of Russian, get experience of communication with native speakers and make new friends.


Living costs in Belarus are significantly lower than in European countries, North America or Russia.  Meanwhile we have more comfortable living conditions because the situation in the country is quite steady, infrastructure is developed and  foreign citizens are treated in a kind way.

Tuition fees are significantly lower in Belarus in comparison with Europe, North America and Russia.

Belarus today houses more than 100 different nationalities.  Various foreign students who have lived in other European countries point out with great satisfaction that Belarusians are hospitable and kind nation and treat foreigners in a good way.

However, it is worth to remember that Minsk as any large city is not completely safe in all its areas.

We recommend you to be more attentive in the streets, mind your belongings and avoid visiting remote suburban areas in night time. Below you will find phone numbers which are to be used in emergency case.


 Emergency services telephones:

101 – Emergency Ministry

102 – Police office

103 – Emergency ambulance

104 – Gas emergency service

105 – Railway station help desk

106 – Air transport help desk

107 – Taxi “007”

The call is free from any phone!



Foreign citizens’ staying in the Republic of Belarus is regulated by the relevant rules and in case the foreign citizen breaks them he or she may get an administrative charge or get deported. That is why you should always carry the copy of your foreign passport with you.

You can get more detailed information about the rules of foreign citizens’ staying with the Republic of Belarus in the BSU Department of Foreign Relations.



To get acquainted with Minsk, its history and layout you can follow these links:

Minsk metro scheme can be found here:



Communication is an important part of life. Telephone network, mobile connection on gsm and cdma base standards exist in the Republic of Belarus. ( There are two kinds of call boxes – usual and universal. One can call using the call box with the help of cards with chips of various values.  One can also use universal phone cards which allow to call abroad. A huge network of communication offices exists in Minsk. To call from the communication office you pay for you talk forward.

The Republic of Belarus code in international telecommunication system is 375, Minsk code – 17 (017 if you call from one city to another).

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