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We offer you to get acquainted with the public transport system in the Republic of Belarus.


Minsk has all the kinds of public transport: trams, trolleybuses, buses and route taxis. One can pay for the public transport by buying a travel ticket, for example at the bus stop in “Soyuzpechat” kiosk or at the driver’s cabin and clip it during the movement. A more convenient way to pay is to buy a travel card for the period of 10 days or month for a certain kind or all kinds of transport.


Public transport in Minsk

You can use public transport in Minsk and other Belarusian cities and towns:

  • Buses which are present almost in all cities except small ones where you can use inter-city transport to travel to the necessary stop
  • Trolleybuses (Minsk, Gomel, Mogilyov, Vitebsk, Grodno, Brest, Bobruysk)
  • Trams (Minsk, Vitebsk, Mozyr, Novopolotsk)
  • Route taxies (Minsk and large cities)
  • Taxies (Minsk and large cities) 

Minsk has the only metro system in the country. 

Tickets for paying can be bought at kiosks at the stop, at the driver’s or check-taker. 

For multiple trips you can buy a travel card for one or several kinds of transport for the period of 10, 15 or 30 (31) days. 

Since 2014 an electronic paying system has been introduced in Minsk.


Belarusian air transport 

National airport “Minsk” ( is the main air gate of the Republic of Belarus, it accepts international flights connecting Belarusian capital with different world countries. 


Charter flights are also accepted by airports of region centers. Besides it, Gomel, Grodno  and Brest organize regular flights to Russian city Kaliningrad.

Air tickets –



Belarusian railway transport 

One of the most convenient and safe ways of travelling is to travel by railway transportRoute net inside the country covers more than 2100 places. 

Railway transport timetable within Belarus can be found here 


You can buy railway tickets either in cash desks at the stations or book by the phone or online with delivery (in Minsk, Gomel and Mogilyov) or without delivery (validate them in the cash desk till the pointed term).

You can buy electronic ticket for some internal and external routes, paying for it via the Internet with the bank card, or electronic money system EasyPay and WebMoney. If there is electronic registration available it will be enough to show your passport when boarding on the train.


Belarusian water transport

There are 10 river ports in Belarus with water ways open on the rivers Dnepr, Berezina, Sozh, Pripyat, Zapandaya Dvina, Neman,  Muhavets and Dnepr-Bug canal. Water touristic excursions are very popular during the warm season.

Motor ship strolls are organized in:


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