International Applicants

How to Apply? The procedure of applying, admission, enrollment.

Undergraduate Program

Choose the bachelor's specialty from 15 faculties.

Master's Program

Updated list of Master's specialties.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

The recruitment of foreign citizens to study at the Belarusian State University is carried out in cooperation with, inter alia, our partners within the framework of concluded agreements.

The established contractual relations allow partner organizations and official representatives of the BSU to provide advertising of the University's educational services on an ongoing basis; to provide assistance in consulting and explaining the conditions of admission and study at BSU to foreign citizens arrived with the assistance of a partner; organize recruitment of foreign citizens for study at BSU; enter the necessary information and documents into the personal accounts of foreign applicants; apply to the University for issuing invitations to study for foreign citizens and provide BSU with copies of the necessary documents for organizing the admission and enrolment procedure.


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