The program has been developed by the specialists in the field of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and ecology and job safety. It is the incarnation of the interdisciplinary communication principle. It is important for the training of specialists which are able to integrate the ideas from the different fields of science, to use the interdisciplinary categories, and to take in the innovation process in the manner of integrated approach. The modular principle of the material organization corresponds to the tendencies of the harmonization of the educational process with European tendencies.

The main tasks of the discipline learning are:
  1. Acquainting the students with the main directions of Green chemistry development, making their approach to the production of chemical products by safety methods.
  2. Forming the students’ apprehension about the ideas of the harmless conducting of the chemical synthesis in the laboratory and in the industrial scale.


As the result of the course learning students have to know:
  • The most important principles and the directions of Green chemistry development
  • Modern strategies of the world industry development and programs of the manufactures of the chemical production directed to the maintenance of the environment and the achievement of the sustainable development
  • Legislation instruments of the environmental protection in chemical industry
  • The main principles and methods of the chemical syntheses conducting
  • Principles of the choice of raw materials, reagents, solvents, conditions of the syntheses conducting from the effective chemical synthesis point of view
  • The technological aspects of green design of the chemical processes
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the traditional and non-traditional methods of the chemical reactions activation
  • Ecological advantages of the catalytic chemical processes
  • The tendency of the chemical reactions conducting without solvents
  • The perspectives of renewable energy sources usage and their contribution into the world energy production
  • Approaches to the chemical products production on the basis of renewable feedstock
  • Research and development in the field of Green chemistry in Belarus and V4 countries
Students have to be able to:
  • operate on key concepts of Green chemistry, sustainable development and to orientate themselves in the contemporary tendencies of world chemical industry development
  • estimate the effectiveness of the chemical reactions and their ecological effects
  • analyze the existing methods of the experiment and technologies of the chemical substances obtaining from the point of view of their safety for the environment and people
  • suggest the new safety methods of the chemical processes carrying out and introducing in the laboratory and industry
  • apply modern information technologies when solving practical problems on the implementation of green chemical processes
  • prepare the information and disseminate the ideas of green chemistry among the specialists and the public for the purposes of the sustainable development
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