During the period of the program, 16 tempus projects were implemented in the Republic of Belarus with the participation of BSU.

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Projects of the program TEMPUS IV

Name of the project
Terms of implementation
1 СOMOLTE - Consortium for modern teaching of language teachers 2013-2017 Department of International Relations, Center "Institute of German Studies" DIR BSU
2 TRADIR - Training in alternative conflict resolution as an approach that guarantees respect for human rights 2013-2017 Faculty of Law
3 NETCENG - New model of the third stage of technical education in accordance with the Bologna Process in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine 2013-2017 Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies
4 ACES - Applied Information Technologies in Science and Technology 2013-2017 Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
5 PICASA - Promoting the internationalization of HEIs in the Eastern Partnership countries through cultural and structural transformation 2013-2016 International Relations Department
SUCSID - Interuniversity start-up centers for the development and promotion of student innovation 2012-2015 University-wide working group
INURE - Integrated university management system: the experience of the European Union for the CIS countries 2012-2014 University-wide working group
8 ENERGY - Development of a training network to improve education in the field of energy efficiency  2012-2015 Faculty of Physics
9 HUMAN - Human safety (environment, food quality, healthcare and society) in areas contaminated with radionuclides 2012-2016 Faculty of Law
10 MIBET - Modernization and implementation of business educational programs for the training of specialists in the tourism industry of the Republic of Belarus 2009-2011 Faculty of International Relations / Faculty of Law
QATMI - Quality assurance tools for managing internationalization 2008-2011 International Relations Department
Improving education in environmental management 2008-2011 Faculty of Geography
13 Development of a new curriculum in European economic law 2008-2010 Faculty of International Relations / Faculty of Law
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