Integrated university management system: the experience of the European Union for the CIS countries

1. Purpose of the project

Development and implementation of a comprehensive integrated university management information system in universities in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia based on the existing EU experience.

2. Project objectives

- adaptation of experience and practice in the development and use of an integrated university management information system, existing in the EU, to the conditions of the partner countries;
- development of guidelines on the principles and practice of construction and effective use of the integrated information management system of the university;
- development and integration of new software for university management based on the analysis of information flows and existing university management systems in partner universities.

3. Brief description of the project

The project corresponds to the priority directions of the Strategy for the Development of the Information Society in the Republic of Belarus for the period up to 2015 in terms of the development of a modern information and communication infrastructure (ICI) of the university, the formation of a system of educational information resources and optimization of university management processes based on information and communication technologies (ICT).
The project is being implemented by a consortium of 15 universities and 4 ministries of education from the EU, CIS and Georgia. On the part of Belarus, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University and Brest State University are participating in the project.
The implementation of the project will make it possible to develop scientific and methodological foundations for adapting the European experience in the use of automated information management systems at the university, to test them in practice at BSU and BrSU, and then to disseminate the experience gained among the universities of the Republic of Belarus. The implementation of the project will allow modernizing the educational process and optimizing the management processes in the universities of the Republic of Belarus through the introduction of an integrated integrated information management system.

4. Project work plan

- development of the concept of an information management system at the university;
- retraining of teachers and developers from universities of the CIS countries and Georgia on the basis of EU universities;
- implementation of an information management system at the university;
- creation of innovative educational centers to support the information management system in the universities of the CIS countries;
- conducting refresher courses for administrators, methodologists and university inspectors in the field of information technology;
- development of scientific and methodological guidelines for the implementation of information management systems in universities in Belarus;
- creation of an international association of university centers to ensure the functioning of information management systems;
- quality assessment and assurance;
- conducting information campaigns in the media, publishing annual bulletins of the project.

5. Expected results

- a concept and scientific and methodological recommendations for the use of an automated university management system have been developed;
- advanced training of teachers and administrative staff of universities in the field of information technology and English;
- an integrated university management system has been developed and implemented;
- established innovative educational centers to support the university management system;
- developed and included in the educational process specialized advanced training courses in the field of information technology and automation of the university management system.

6. Consortium composition:
  • Koblenz-Landau University, Germany
  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
  • University of Le Mans, France
  • Netherlands Network University, Netherlands
  • Sumy State University, Ukraine
  • National Mining University, Ukraine
  • Khmelnytsky National University, Ukraine
  • Lviv University named after I. Franko, Ukraine
  • Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space, Ukraine
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Belarusian State University, Belarus
  • Brest State University named after A. Pushkin, Belarus
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus
  • Comrat State University, Moldova
  • Moldavian University of Trade and Cooperation, Moldova
  • Ministry of Education of Moldova, Moldova
  • Rustaveli State University, Georgia
  • Kutaisi University, Georgia
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Georgia

Amount of funding for BSU: 87 488 euros


Contact person for the project: Head of the International Programs and Projects Department of the International Relations Department Rytov Alexander, tel. + 375-17-2095447, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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