Promoting the internationalization of HEIs in the Eastern Neighborhood through cultural and structural adaptation

1. Purpose of the project
promoting the recognition of higher education systems in the Eastern Partnership region - Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine - through the development and integration of internationalization into the structural and cultural components of the university management system

2. Project objectives

- to integrate the international component into the teaching, educational, methodological and scientific functions of universities through the development and implementation of appropriate strategies and procedures;
- to develop elements of internationalization for the operationalization of curricula, exchanges of teachers and students, technical cooperation of universities;
- to identify and develop new skills, attitudes and knowledge among students, teachers, administrative workers in order to stimulate internationalization;
- to promote the development of an ethos and culture that value and support intercultural and international perspectives, initiatives and their quality assurance

3. Brief description of the project

The project complies with the priority areas established by the State Program for the Development of Higher Education for 2011 - 2015, in particular: increasing the international prestige of the Belarusian higher education; increasing the level of professional competence of the teaching staff; development of the higher education system in the national interest, taking into account international trends and best practices; strengthening international cooperation with educational and scientific institutions of foreign states; development of organizational and cultural support for foreign students at HEI.

The project is being implemented by a consortium of partners from the EU and CIS countries, consisting of 18 universities, 4 ministries, 2 associations. On the part of Belarus, the Belarusian State University, Grodno State University named after V.I. Yanka Kupala, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and the Ministry of Education.

4. Project work plan

- advanced training of employees of international services of universities and teaching staff;
- development of teaching materials for the management of the international activities of universities;
- revision of the role and functions of the administrative services of HEIs that ensure the management of international activities;
- development of strategies and principles for the internationalization of the university;
- adaptation of curricula in accordance with the principles of internationalization;
- development of information and methodological guidelines to help employees of international services of universities;
- conducting information campaigns aimed at disseminating the results of the project;
- ensuring the sustainability of the project;
- quality assurance and project management.

5. Expected results

- universities in the Eastern European Partnership region have rules and procedures to facilitate the internationalization of teaching, learning and research activities;
- in the universities participating in the project, the curricula have been revised in order to integrate the components of internationalization and the development of exchanges of students and scientists;
- faculties of universities and international services of universities participating in the project acquired new skills, attitudes and knowledge;
- introduced quality criteria for effective management of internationalization processes;
- in the universities participating in the project, special traditions and culture have been formed that are more receptive to intercultural and international perspectives and initiatives.

6. Consortium composition:
  • Yerevan State University, Armenia
  • University College Leuven, Belgium
  • Center for Education and European Initiative, Italy
  • World University Organization, Austria
  • Rohampton University, UK
  • University of Genoa, Italy
  • Yerevan State Academy of Arts, Armenia
  • Gavar State University, Armenia
  • State Engineering Institute of Armenia, Armenia
  • National Center for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education, Armenia
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, Armenia
  • State University named after Ilya Chavchavadze, Georgia
  • Tbilisi State University Ivane Javakhishvili, Georgia
  • Zugdidi State Pedagogical University named after Shota Meskhia, Georgia
  • Batumi State University named after Shota Rustaveli, Georgia
  • Ministry of Education of Georgia, Georgia
  • Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
  • Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine
  • National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Belarusian State University, Belarus
  • Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala, Belarus
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarus
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus

Amount of funding for BSU: 58 381, 34 euros

Contact person for the project: Rytov Alexander, head of the department of international programs and projects of the UMC,

Tel. 209-54-47, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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