Tempus project “Quality Assurance Tools for Internationalization Management”

Project participants:

Oldenburg University (Germany) (coordinator)

University of Nijmegen (Netherlands)

University of Alicante (Spain)

University of Torun (Poland)

Belgorod State University (Russia)

Volgograd State University (Russia)

Zaporizhzhya State University (Ukraine)

Kiev State University (Ukraine)

Yerevan State University (Armenia)

Yerevan State Academy of Arts (Armenia)

Baku Slavic University (Azerbaijan)

Belarusian State University (Belarus).

Amount of funding: 694,003 Euro

Terms of implementation: January 2009 - December 2011

Goals: The goal of the project is to improve the organization of international activities of participating higher educational institutions, to introduce modern methods into the university management system, to promote the internationalization of education and to develop appropriate methodological recommendations for the subsequent application of the project results in the practical work of Belarusian universities.
Project activities:

1. Introspection
The project provides for a self-assessment, which includes information on the following aspects of the international activities of the university:
A) general information about the international activities of the university - the number and geography of international treaties, the degree of English language proficiency by the administrative staff and the teaching staff of the university, the presence of an English-language version of the university's website and its fullness, the presence of English-language brochures and booklets, the number and geography of academic mobility of students and staff university, the availability of material resources for the management of international activities;
B) a detailed description of the process of managing international activities in the following areas: teaching foreign students (advertising educational services, organizing admission and enrollment, organizing the educational process, organizing the educational process, issuing documents, maintaining contact with graduates); sending employees and students abroad (informing and consulting, selecting students for internships, preparing the necessary documents, control on arrival, analyzing the effectiveness of foreign business trips); receiving foreign delegations, teachers and scientists from abroad (preparing a visit, issuing invitations, meeting, organizing and providing programs for staying in the country, keeping track of international contacts); strategic planning and management in the field of international activities (delineation of responsibilities and powers in the management of activities, management structure, consideration of issues of international activities by the management of the university, management of international projects, staffing of international activities).

Internal and external audits
External: 2 visits to CIS universities by representatives of European experts;
Internal: holding annual seminars (round tables) with the participation of university staff in order to discuss issues of the effectiveness of managing international activities in connection with the project being implemented.

Employees of the international departments of universities in the CIS countries visited the European universities - partners of the project in order to participate in training sessions in the main areas of the international activities of the university (training of foreign students, academic mobility, international projects, etc.)

Development of guidelines
1. Collection of training materials;
2. Plan for improving the management of the international activities of the BSU university;
3. Collection of analytical materials on the internationalization of the university.

As part of the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) at BSU and other universities of the Republic of Belarus, the project allowed the development and implementation of a standard regulating the management of international activities in the QMS of BSU.

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