Public organization “The Council of Associations” is a voluntary student organization created to help foreign students adapt to the conditions of urban life, to join the bustling student environment, was created in December, 2010.

The main tasks:

  • Interaction with the management of the University on the issues of education, accommodation of foreign students of BSU, as well as their active participation in activities aimed at promoting the educational opportunities of the University;
  • Information and Advisory support for international students;
  • Prevention of offenses on the part of foreign students, including internal regulations in hostels of the Baku state University.

The aim of the organization activity is:

  • implementation of measures aimed at foreign students compliance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, respect of Belarusian national traditions as well as traditions and customs of other foreign nationals studying at BSU;
  • facilitating foreign citizens adaptation to the BSU educational environment and their staying in the country;
  • popularization of the BSU as a prestigious international institution of higher education with a developed, active and attractive for foreigners social life;
  • promoting healthy lifestyle among the young people.

The Council consists of seven Fraternities national fraternities:

1. China;

2. Russia;

3. Turkmenistan;

4. The CIS countries;

5. The countries of Western Europe, USA, South America and the Baltic States;

6. The countries of South-East and East Asia;

7. The countries of Middle East and Africa.

BSU Department of International Relations is coordinator of the Council of BSU Associations’ activities.

BSU Department of Educational work with the young people provides technical and organizational support to organizing and holding cultural and leisure activities aimed at adaptation of foreign students studying in the country, leading a healthy lifestyle and contributing to the development and strengthening of student traditions as well as their involvement in the university’s social life.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the Council of Associations chair. 

More information about the organization is placed at the information desk at the address: Leningradskaya street, 20, 4th floor.

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