International exchange students who come for a period of study to the BSU fall into 3 categories: bilateral exchange students, exchange program students and free movers:

Category of students

Condition of Studies and Addmission

Where to get information and support

Required Documents

Bilateral exchange students

Specified in the relevant agreement. Ussialy, applicants' Home university makes pre-selection of students following equal and transparent criteria and the BSU makes the final decision about accepting an exchange student.

See Partnership agreements database

International office of applicants home university.


1. Partner University letter

2. Application form

3. Academic Transcript with English or Russian Translation

4. Passport copy with Russian translation signed and stamped by Partner University

for detailes see Memo for bileteral exchange applicants 

Exchange program students

Specified in the relevant exchnage program.

Program coordinator / Program contact person at the BSU.

Exchange program Application pakcage (Application form, transcripts of recornds, Learining Agreement /Research plan, moltivation letter, recomendation letter, Passport copy)

Free movers

Self-financed studies

Fees depend on the study load taken

Conditions are specified in the contract concluded between the BSU and Applicant


1. Application form for non-degree program

2. Transcripts of recornds

3. Proposed Study or Research plan

4. Moltivation letterr, recomendation letter

5. Passport copy with certified translation