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Undergraduate Programmes

Choose the Bachelor's Degree programmes on more than 15 faculties of the BSU

Master's Degree Programmes

The list of Master's Degree programmes including taught in English

Tuition Fees

Costs of programmes at different levels of education at the University

The BSU offers more than 80 specialties of the Bachelor's Degree Programmes. The Master’s Degree Programmes are provided through more than 46 specialties, while the PhD Programmes are provided through 132 specialties of various branches of science









Pre-University Preparatory Course 01.09 – 30.06 1 year November, 1 Certificate of the Сourse Сompletion
Bachelor's Degree 01.09 – 30.06 4-5 years October, 15 Diploma of Higher Education
Master’s Degree 01.09 – 30.06 2 years December, 31 Master’s Degree Diploma

PhD or Doctorate Degree

01.11 – 31.10 3-5 years December, 31

PhD or Doctorate Degree Diploma

Additional Educational Programmes

(Russian Language Courses, Summer Schools, Advanced Training or Retraining Courses)

At least 2 weeks During the year

Certificate of the Course Completion


Pre-University Training

The preparation of foreign citizens for studying at the BSU is carried out at the Faculty of Pre-University Education of Foreign Citizens of the Institute of Additional Education of the BSU. The Certificate of completion entitles students to continue their studies at higher education establishments for Bachelor's and Master's programmes, as well as in Postgraduate and Doctoral studies. The Certificate issued by the BSU is valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Bachelor's Degree

There are about 80 specialties of Bachelor's Degree programmes that are taught at faculties of the BSU. The study period is 4-5 years. Upon graduation a Diploma of Higher Education is issued.

Master’s Degree

Studying for a Master’s Degree takes up to 1-2 years. Training along the Master’s Degree programmes is conducted through 46 specialties. The form of education is full-time or part-time. A number of majors are taught entirely in English. Upon graduation, a Master's Degree Diploma is issued.  

PhD or Doctorate Degree

Studies for PhD or Doctorate Degree is one of the steps of Postgraduate Studies at the BSU aiming at preparing of higher qualification specialists awarding them with Doctor of Philosophy degree. Students can study either full-time or have open learning (distance) education, the studying time is relatively 3-5 years. Upon graduation, a document allowing the PhD thesis defense is issued.  

Additional Educational Programmes

Additional training includes the following programmes for foreign citizens:

  • Training Courses lasting 36-72 hours in a variety of fields. Upon completion of this training a Retraining Courses  is provided. The programmes are conducted as the group is formed or at the request of the organization
  • Russian Language Courses
  • Russian Language Summer School
  • Training Courses, Seminars, Trainings
  • Retraining Courses lasting 18-20 months are for persons already with the higher education or for full-time students in the last years of study. Upon completion of the training, a Diploma of the level of Higher Education is provided


The Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining of the Institute of Additional Education of the BSU develops educational programmes for advanced training and retraining courses upon individual request.

Education forms:

Full-time, part-time, distance learning

Studying plan:

The syllabus of basic educational programs consists of theoretical and practical subjects, externship, and students’ self-work, as well as passing educational and pre-diploma practices, preparing and defending theses (projects), passing the state exam, and performing independent work.

Studying process:

Studies at the University are held in the form of lectures, seminars and practical lessons, and the students are obliged to attend all these lessons to obtain the studying plan. The BSU uses the MOODLE learning management system to support the educational process.

Academic term

Academic year Exam period Vacation
Autumn term September – December January Two weeks in February
Spring term February – May June July - August

At the end of each term during the exam period students take exams and credits, as well as defend their thesis. A pass or fail grade is given at the credit. At the exam the student receives a mark. Since 2004, a 10-point system for evaluating students knowledge has been introduced in Belarusian higher education establishments.

10-grade system

 (introduced in 2004)

5-grade system

(was used until 2004)

10     9


8      7      6


5      4


3       2      1


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