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Undergraduate Program

Choose the bachelor's specialty from 15 faculties.

Master's Program

Updated list of Master's specialties.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Students in BSU can study on the following programs – Pre-University (preparatory course), general (higher education, Bachelor degree) and Post-graduate (Master’s degree, Doctoral degree).

Level Studying year Education time Application deadline Diploma given
Pre-University preparatory course 01.09 – 30.06 1 year November, 1 Certificate of courses graduation
Higher education 01.09 – 30.06 4-5 years October, 15 Higher education diploma
Master’s degree 01.09 – 30.06 2 years December, 31 Master’s diploma

Post graduate
(Doctoral degree)

01.11 – 31.10 3-5 years December, 31 Doctoral degree document 


1.  Faculty of Pre-university Education

Foreign citizens can prepare for studying in the BSU by graduating from the Faculty of Pre-university Education of the BSU. After graduating from this faculty they are given the Certificate which enables them to proceed with both higher education and Master’s program, and with Doctoral studies as well. The given Certificate is valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Federation.


2.     Higher education

Foreign citizens can get higher education at various BSU faculties in 80 special fields. The education lasts for 4-5 years. After graduating the citizen gets Internationally Recognized Diploma of Higher Education.  

3.     Master’s degree

Studying for Master’s degree takes 2 years and after graduation the foreign citizen is given Master’s Diploma. 


4.     Doctoral degree

Studies for Doctoral degree is one of the steps of post-graduate studies in BSU aiming at preparation of higher qualification specialists awarding them with Doctor of Philosophy degree. Students can study either full-time or have open learning distance education, the studying time is relatively 3-5 years. After graduating the foreign citizen is given the Document which defines his readiness to defend a doctoral (candidate’s) thesis. 


Studying process organization

Education forms: full-time, distance


Studying plan: studying plan of basic educational programs consists of theoretical and practical subjects, externship and students’ self-work. The aim of externship is to teach students how to apply their self-standing professional activity on practice in the field they have chosen.  

Studying process: studies in the university are held in the form of lectures, seminars and practical lessons, and the students are obliged to attend all these lessons to obtain the studying plan.  

Forms of control

At the end of every term during their exam periods students take exams and credits and defence theses. At the credit the students are given “pass” or “non-pass”. At the exam the student gets a mark. Since 2004 the grade system in Belorussian universities ranks from 1 to 10. 

Grate system from 1 to 10
 (introduced in 2004)

5-grade system (was used until 2004)















Academic year


Studying period Exam period Vacations
Autumn term September – December January Two weeks in February
Spring term February – May June July - August
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