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Practical recommendations for the stay in the Republic of Belarus

Minsk migration offices:

ОГиМ Заводского РУВД– ул. Уборевича, 42

ОГиМ Ленинского РУВД – ул. Игуменский тракт, 32

ОГиМ Московского РУВД – ул. Рафиева, 44


All foreign citizens temporarily living in the Republic of Belarus can get first and emergency medical aid freely and easily in state medical establishments in the Republic of Belarus. 

After coming to Belarus you should go through obligatory medical examination in Student polyclinic No. 33 in Minsk. You should give the medical certificate to the Department of International Relations.

All foreign citizens coming to study to BSU must be registered in the Migration and Citizenship Authority of CAIA Minsk city council DURING 5 DAYS after arriving to the country! 

Dear foreign students, please be attentive and do not be late for your registration term!

It takes approximately 15-20 days to prepare and make documents for “registration prolongation”.  

In case you change your address of residency in Minsk you should come within 4 days since the date of new dwelling contract signing to IRO and change your registration. 

Making a visa takes approximately 10 working days.

For making a visa you need to come to IRO in advance, 10-12 days before leaving and give the following documents: