+375 17 209-53-32 (mobility)
+375 17 209-53-51 (apply)


Making a visa takes approximately 10 working days.

For making a visa you need to come to IRO in advance, 10-12 days before leaving and give the following documents:


  • Passport (the original);
  • Application form with the dean’s signature and library worker (the blank is given by IRO worker);
  • Filled in questionnaire (given by IRO worker);
  • checks of visa payments (the payment account is given ONLY by the IRO worker). 

It takes migration office 10 days to make your visa.


*In case of urgency (having a reasonable excuse) you can make your visa in 5 days. To do this you need to give your documents to IRA 6 days before your flight.


After coming back from holidays the student must go through the OBLIFGATORY medical check in student polyclinic No.33 in Minsk and bring the medical certificate to IRO worker. In other case the student will not get permission to pass credits and exams!