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What documents are provided by a foreign national for the BSU admission?


1. Original educational documents with supplements of studied subjects and marks given, legalized in the country of issue and recognized in the Republic of Belarus, and notarized translation of these documents into Russian

2. A medical report on health condition and its notarized translation into Russian. A medical report must not be more than six months old!

3. The negative HIV test certificate. A medical certificate must not be older than 6 months!

4. A copy of the passport used to enter the Republic of Belarus valid for the period of study, and its translation

5. A copy of the birth certificate - for minors

6. 6 photos 3х4

All the listed documents executed in a foreign language are provided with their notarized translation into Russian. Foreign applicants will have to make a notarized translation of their passport upon arrival in the Republic of Belarus



What exams must a foreign national take upon admission to the BSU?


Foreign applicants to the BSU Bachelor's Degree programme are admitted only on the basis of an interview in Russian or English, depending on the specialty study language. Applicants to the master's degree programme also take an exam in their major.

Interviews with foreign applicants are conducted in accordance with the interview schedule approved by the rector of the BSU for the period from 20 July to 1 August and from 25 August to 15 October.


When is it necessary to receive an invitation to study at the BSU?


Citizens subject to visa requirements for entry into the Republic of Belarus must receive a study invitation for admission to the BSU. You can view the list of countries with visa-free entry into the Republic of Belarus on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus or at the Belarusian Diplomatic Missions in your country.



What are the process of obtaining an invitation and a study visa (for visa countries)?


  1. Submission of an application and related documents for the study
  2. Review and examination of the submitted documents by the university management
  3. If the documents are positively reviewed, the BSU employees issue an invitation and send it to the migration service
  4. Upon approving the invitation at the migration service, the list of approved candidates is automatically sent to the Belarusian Diplomatic Missions in foreign countries
  5. Obtaining a study visa at the Belarusian Diplomatic Missions at the place of residence of the candidate



What documents do you submit to get an invitation to study at the BSU?


  1. Filled-in questionnaire;
  2. Copies of educational documents legalized in your country and recognized in the Republic of Belarus with the subjects studied and the marks given
  3. A copy of the medical report on the state of health issued by the official authority of the country from which the applicant arrived
  4. A copy of the negative HIV-test certificate
  5. A copy of the passport is valid for the study period with a translation into Russian



What is the tuition fee for the training programmes at the BSU?


The cost of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Postgraduate and the other educational programmes can be found here



Does the University provide housing for students?

If so, how much does it cost?

Yes, a dorm is provided for international students if necessary. The estimated cost is $50–70 per month, depending on the season and the dorm amenities.


What is the study admission deadline?


Admission of study documents for foreign nationals entering the Bachelor's and Master's Programmes is conducted in the period from mid – July to October 15; for the programme of the Pre-University Preparatory Course – until November 1; Additional Educational Programmes (Russian Language Courses, Advanced Training or Retraining Courses) – during the year.



What are possible additional costs upon admission to the BSU?


  1. Review and processing of admission documents – $55
  2. Study visa issuance (for visa countries) – $60
  3. Medical insurance for study period – approximately €170 per year
  4. Temporary registration for the period of stay in the Republic of Belarus – $70
  5. Mandatory primary medical examination – $100
  6. Exit visa – $30
  7. Vacation visa (if necessary) – $40
  8. Personal mentoring for the admission period with a meeting at the airport (if necessary) – $150
  9. Notarized Russian translation of passport – $20
  10. Monthly costs of the dormitory – $50-70
  11. Monthly costs of staying in Belarus –$300 


More information on the list of services provided by the Department of International Relations of BSU can be found here. 



Can a foreign student transfer to the BSU from another University?


You need to drop out and apply for admission to the BSU during the vacation period. The study course will be determined by the dean's office based on the academic certificate of the university where you studied. 



Do foreign nationals have to undergo a medical examination after admission? 

According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, all foreign nationals staying in the country for more than 3 months are required to undergo a complete medical examination. Foreign students of the BSU undergo a medical examination in the Student Health Clinic №33, located at 45/4 Surganova Street, Office 613, 602.

The information desk phone number:
+375 (17) 370 58 25

Opening hours: even days - from 12:00 to 17:00, odd days - from 09:00 to 14:00. 



Can the university representatives meet me at the airport?


Employees of the Department of International Relations of the BSU can meet a foreign citizen at the airport or at the railway station. This is a fee-based service ($150 or $100 per person). For citizens in those countries, there is no Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, and for those who plan to get a study visa at the airport, a meeting with a representative of the university is mandatory.


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