International Applicants

How to apply? The procedure of applying, admission, enrollment

Undergraduate Programmes

Choose the Bachelor's Degree programmes on more than 15 faculties of the BSU

Master's Degree Programmes

The list of Master's Degree programmes including taught in English

Tuition Fees

Costs of programmes at different levels of education at the University

Requirements to the applicants

1. Sufficient level of the previous education (complete secondary education). 

2. Enough level of the Russian language. 

3. For those who are under age a copy of birth certificate with the translation into Russian is necessary (in case the document is not in Russian).


Documents which are necessary for the studying invitation

To get studying invitation (for countries where visa is needed), going through the preliminary selection foreign applicants need to present to the Department of International Relations the following documents:

1. Filled-in questionnaire (Download)

2. Translation copies verified by the notary (in case the documents are not in Russian) of the documents with supplements of the studied subjects and the marks given (secondary education certificate/higher education diploma and it supplements; other certificates on various courses, Pre-university faculty certificate, the Russian language courses, courses on foreign language and etc.)

3. Copy of the translation into Russian verified by the notary (in case it is not in Russian) of a medical conclusion about the health condition issued by the official authority of the country from which the applicant arrived (medical conclusion sample); for Turkmenistan citizens a medical certificate on 086/h form is required (with the translation into the Russian language)

4. HIV-test certificate with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian)

5. Passport copy valid for the time of studies with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian)

6. Birth certificate copy with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian) - for 17 years old applicants


Documents’ language

All the documents issued in foreign language must be accompanied by their translation into Russian. All the documents’ translations except passport translation must be verified by the notary. The notary verified passport translation should be done by the applicants after their arrival to the Republic of Belarus.


Sending the documents

All the above mentioned documents are to be sent to the University via mail with the mark “Studying application”. Mind that the documents sent by the fax or e-mail are not taken into consideration!


Address for sending the documents:

Belarusian State University
Department of International Relations
4 Nezaliezhnasti av., 220030, Minsk, Belarus


Applications deadlines

Studying program

Documents acceptance

Faculty of Pre-university education

Till October, 1

Higher education

From July, 8 till October, 15

Master studies

From May till October, 15

Doctorate studies

During the whole year

Educational traineeship

Till June, 1 – autumn semester

Till December, 1 – spring semester

Scientific traineeship

During the whole year


Short-time courses (4, 8, 12 weeks)

Intensive studies (16, 18, 36 weeks)

Individual lessons


During the whole year

During the whole year

During the whole year


Preliminary selection

Department of International Relations’ specialists check the accepted documents and held preliminary selection of foreign applicants for studying. The following moments are taken into consideration:

1.   the foreign applicant's ability to understand the acceptance rules on his own without someone’s help, fill in the questionnaire, complete all the necessary documents for BSU and etc.

2.   the level of the previous education (correspondent to the chosen studying program)

3.   the applicant's academic progress

4.   the knowledge of Russian language


The selection result

If the decision made is positive, the BSU completes and sends the official invitation to the consular institution of the Republic of Belarus according to the foreign applicant residence – the reason for getting a studying visa (for the foreign citizens who need a visa to come to Belarus). The term is 15 days since the moment of the decision making by the BSU Admission Board.

Completing the invitation and studying visa is done on a paid basis. The invitation is paid for after the arrival to the university. Consular fee is paid in the place of getting one’s visa.


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