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How to Apply? The procedure of applying, admission, enrollment.

Undergraduate Program

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Master's Program

Updated list of Master's specialties.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

After signing your studying contract and issuing an order on your enrollment to BSU you will have to get temporary registration (temporary residence permit) for the period of your stay in the Republic of Belarus.


To do this you need to give to the Migration registration and support International Students Office (off. 410) the following documents: 
1. filled-in questionnaire form;
2. foreign passport with studying visa;
3. migration card;
4. 3 photos;
5. insurance policy (is done in off. 410)
6. dormitory pass;
7. checks of registration payments.


NOTICE: foreign citizen must bring his passport for making a registration to Migration, registration and support International Students Office during 5 days after his arrival to the Republic of Belarus.


Territorial department dealing with citizenship and migration makes a registration during 15 days. To get your foreign passport with the registration you need to show the medical certificate on full medical examination first.


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