UNESCO "Legal guarantees and implementation of the principles of gender equality in the Republic of Belarus"

Year of completion: 2017

Grant for BSU: 9 595 USD

The main results of the project:

- prepared for publication a practical guide "Legal guarantees and implementation of the principles of gender equality", intended for use in educational activities in educational institutions of all levels, when teaching legal disciplines, in the work of legal clinics, HR services of organizations, NGOs;

- a specialized section of the Legal Clinic of BSU on gender equality was created. Student consultants of the specialized section provide information and consultation to citizens through the Internet Center on Gender Equality;

- on the basis of the Faculty of Law, a round table and a training seminar for students were held on legal guarantees and the implementation of the principles of gender equality (February 2018);

- student consultants of the BSU Legal Clinic conducted classes on the topic "Legal guarantees of gender equality" for students of Minsk schools.

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