UNESCO "Participation of the Student Community in the Preservation and Use of Cultural Heritage to Promote a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development"

Years of implementation: 2012 - 2013

Grant for BSU: USD 10,000

The goal of the project is to use the potential of the student community to include the cultural heritage of Belarus in the tourism system for the sustainable development of local territories.

The main results of the project:

- a creative student community "Cultural heritage in the hands of young people" was created, the students of which developed

- a new educational-practical manual “Cultural-historical and natural heritage of Belarus: theory and practice of use in tourism”, four new excursion and eco-routes (“Polesie paths”, “Unknown Polesie region”, “Conquering the secrets of Poozerie” and “From the Yatvingians to the poleshuk ").

- information was disseminated about little-known and authentic objects and traditions of the regions of Belarus, about craftsmen and artisans, about reviving traditions and festivals by posting materials on the Internet and publishing information materials (a set of tear-off postcards in 5 languages ​​with photographs of little-known material and intangible monuments of history and culture );

- new communication links have been created between universities, local authorities and representatives of the local community in promoting the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Belarus;

- a databank of student tourism projects was created for the subsequent search for their financing and implementation.

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